I was born in 1984 in Poland and grew up in a small town in a middle of an old forrest. I'm a HIV positive, queer, multimedia artist and a meditation teacher. Because of my long career as an illustrator my main medium is drawing, but depending on a project I use it as a point of reference for painting, installations and performance. I am interested in the spiritual space between the the visual artwork and its audience. I studied Political Science and Philosophy which led me to pursuing spiritual investigations within Buddhist and Shamanistic traditions. In 2015 I began a project Queer Meditations and in 2020 co-founded an artist-run VLP Gallery.

selected press: 

Must-see exhibitions during WGW, Art Basel, 2023

Kiedy queer spotyka duchowość, Tok Fm, 2023

Nowy świat na emigracji, Polish Art Now, 2023

Arobal w ogniu, Vogue.pl,  2021

Ten z Arobalem, Queer Antena, 2021

Niechaj ogień pochłonie wszystko, czyli Arobal w Poznaniu, 2021

The Inside Mirror: An introduction to queer    meditation, Copenhagen Pride, 2021

Krok w tył to nie wstyd a ewolucja, Vogue.pl, 2021

Sztuka zycia, Tok Fm, 2019

Arobal’s doodle, Take Me magazine, 2014

Arobal, Culture.pl, 2012