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warsaw, 2017

The Marsh is a place of decomposure and rebirth. Arobal is using as a metaphor for the new methodology of his work and a depiction of his journey back towards his safe space.

The artist borrows elements from his previous works, mainly commissioned illustrations for magazines, books or theatre, and requires them for the purpose of his personal journey. 

“The works depict a walk through the titular wetland. A walk becomes an opportunity to face something that is wild, and at the same time it gives you the opportunity to seek authentic contact with yourself and the world. Wetlands are not created artificially and are not an attractive landscape element to be replicated in suggestive arrangements. Plants surround the figures and are the central element of all the works. It's a walk through primeval nature. We wander around the untamed shapes of plants that grow without control and sometimes take the form of animals and turn into fauna shapes. These plants are also a reference to feelings and emotions - wild, dangerous and untamed.

The illustrations are collages. Individual elements of the drawings are cut out and composed. The works are kept in one color range, and thousands of clear lines show the tedious, many-hour creative process.” 

                                            Marta Czyż