Szydłowski Gallery, 
Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2022

“Arobal is seeking common root for wild flora of otherness from the perspective of an uprooted migrant and a meditating Buddhist. In the exhibition an animal, floral and erotic motives are presented in a form of installation, where drawings are not individual phenomena but the roles played to visualize his art philosophy, where visible and invisible are equal.

What Arobal proposes is a space being in common, where two-dimensionality of drawing undergoes the process of raising, transforming gallery space – a machinery of validation and objectification - into sensual and energetic adventure of diversity.

The exhibition is a proposal to look at art the way, where veristic perfection of his drawings becomes a medium of tender, emotional relations diverted into getting to know the world both joyfully chaotic and at the same time in common, where single phenomena of life reach out for each other with invisible feelers.”
curated by: Aneta Szylak